The Gush Etzion Foundation
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"The Gush Etzion Foundation"

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If you prefer not to pay online, contact us:

Contact us In Israel:
Keren Gush Etzion
Alon Shvut
D.N. North Judea
Israel 90433
tel: 972-2-993-9917
fax: 972-2-993-2169

In the U.S:
Gush Etzion Foudnation
POB 1030
Manchester, NH 03105
tel: 1-800-705-1626
fax: 860-216-0896

The Gush Etzion Foundation

The Gush Etzion Foundation
Since 1993, the Gush Etzion Foundation has worked to support and strengthen Gush Etzion and its residents while raising public awareness about the history and heritage of the region. An independent, n

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