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Sadnat Shiluv
Sadnat Shiluv
Hello, my name is Judah and I live in a beautiful apartment with 5 friends in the Judean Hills
in a community called Gvaot. I have a wonderful counselor that I love. He teaches me how to
tidy up the house, cook, and fold laundry. At noon I milk goats and clean the pen. I’m learning
to live alone and I go to visit my family most Fridays. (Judah is 17 years old and was born with
(Down syndrome
I am Sivan. I live with my parents. Because of my illness they remain with me the whole day
and therefore are unable to work. It is hard to find friends. They wanted to send me to learn in
an institution. It’s a tough place. I understand things and have feelings. I’m sad. I really want
to live in the Sadna with friends. (Sivan is 15 years old and suffers from pdd and muscular

What is the Sadna
The Sadna has recently moved to Gvaot, also in Gush Etzion in the Judean Hills and is
.surrounded by a forest
The Sadna offers housing and employment for young adults aged 15-26 who do not fit
,in the normal social framework as a result of disorders such as intellectual disabilities
.Down syndrome, autism, muscular dystrophy, and physical and psychological problems
.In addition, some

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swim4sadna 2011 צליחת הכנרת לנשים

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עמותת סדנת שילוב שמה לה למטרה...
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Sadnat Shiluv
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Sadnat Shiluv
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