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Pina Chama for our soldiers
Pina Chama for our soldiers
Twelve years ago, when Arab terror in Israel was at its peak, Arab murderers took the life of Dr. Shmuel Gillis, Hy’d, a prominent hematologist on his way home as he neared his home of Carmei Tzur, and ten days later, another murder, a fatal shooting on the bridge between Jerusalem and Gush taking the life of Tzachi Sasson, Hy”d from Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim. Two widows Ruthy and Ossi.
Both men were dedicated to the soldiers who helped protect our residents. The Pina Chama was founded by Ruti and Ossie in their husbands’memories.

The Pina Chama (a cozy corner), is a place where soldiers can stop for a bit of rest, for a drink, something to eat or just a kind word on the way to their bases. It is a refreshment station for soldiers and police serving in the area, is located at "צומת הגוש" - the Gush Etzion junction on route sixty leading to Chevron.
Open daily from 7am till 9pm
There are usually more than 200 soldiers coming in over the course of a day. Most of them say that doing their reserve or regular duty here in the Gush the Pina Chama makes a big difference. Let´s continue to make a difference. Join us in this wonderful project.

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Pina Chama - Soldiers Hospitality Hut

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There´s a cozy corner of Gush Etzion dedicated to the...
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Yom HaAtzmaut at Pina Chama 5771
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Yom HaAtzmaut at Pina Chama 5771
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